Who Are We?

We are a group of professionals with over 20 years experience in the Jewelry Industry. Our backgrounds include casting, finishing, model-making, and CAD/CAM.

We specialize in output, CAD design, training and consulting for fine detailed output. We have spent extensive hours in development of support and build styles specific to Jewelry, Accessories, Watch, Giftware, Tabletop and Advertising-Specialty Industries.

We also have the capacity to output with Wax Printers and CNC milling machines.


What Do We Do?

We provide a full range of services from 3D Digital Output, 3D scanning, jewelry manufacturing services and full CAD Design from your rendering or idea.

We also provide consulting services to assist you with setting up your own digital design systems in-house.

We can recommend changes in your design to facilitate easier production and finishing of your product.


How Do We Do It?

We have invested in the latest technology in software and hardware. We also have invested in research and development to apply the latest technology to the jewelry industry.

We have put together some of the top people in the rapid prototyping and jewelry industries to find the best solutions.


Why Digital Design?

Only with digital design can you bring your product to market faster, quickly assess the acceptance of the product, make rapid changes to facilitate better sales and/or more efficient production.

By investing in digital design, you are investing in your future. Component parts of a design can be used over and over again. Digital design over time will allow you to develop a library of files that can be the basis of your in-house design department.

Digital design will not only reduce your model cost but will enable you to increase your sales by delivering products that your customer wants and needs.


Are My Designs Secure?

Yes, of course. We will be happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement or provide a non-disclosure agreement for your use. Our business is based on the trust that your designs are not available to anyone who is not authorized. We need this trust to do business in the industry and will not jeopardize this trust under any circumstances.

Remember,our business is digital output and not jewelry.


How Do I Start?

Click the upload button at the top right to start uploading your files or contact us to speak with a 3D FACTORY representative about getting started.